Emergency shop

Emergency shop is an integral part of Matins LTD. It’s designed as an online product catalogue and a simple and accessible place for the search and comparison of relevant products.

Matins is the supplier for a wide array od products used for the upgrade of vehicles. Find products that suit your needs and we at Emergency Shop will give you a quote with optional delivery or installation.

Matins – Who Are We?

Emergency shop is an integral part of Matins. Matins LTD is a company for the upgrade of commercial and emergency vehicles such as police, firefighters, paramedics etc.

We’ve been in business since 2006. We focus on special vehicles ugrades for the Ministry of the Interior, public and voluntary service firefighters, paramedics etc. Due to our commitment to details in muonting and production as well as post-installation assistance, we’ve been successfully in business until today. We are beginning our spread to central and Eastern European market.

Upgrades to vehicles is becoming technologically more and more demanding. It is extremely important to have a selected choice of quality associates that assure a good quality offer and excellent technical implementation. Our clients receive better equipment, service and constant technical support with cost optimization.

Why choose Matins for your partner?